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Pregnancy Massage

Though there are people that would proudly tell the whole world about their pregnancy, there are others who’d rather keep it to themselves. They want to keep it a secret until the pregnancy begins to show.

However, when it comes to massage, the more you let the massage therapist know about your pregnancy, the better. A professional pregnancy massage therapist needs to know if you are pregnant and how far you are in the pregnancy. He also needs to know if you’ve suffered from any pregnancy-related complications in the past or your current pregnancy.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from this disclosure:

You Will Get Customized Massage Services

Once you inform the massage therapist about your pregnancy, he will use techniques that will not only benefit you but your unborn baby as well. He will know the places he should massage, the right pressure to use during the massage. The information will also help in choosing massage oils that will not lead to preterm labor.

The Spa Will Assign a Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Though all professional massage therapists have undergone training, some have gone a step further to train on pregnancy massage such as at The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield. By informing the spa management about your pregnancy, they will ensure that the massage therapist trained on pregnancy massage is available for your massage.

You Will Schedule the Best Time for Your Massage

During the early stages of your pregnancy, you may be struggling with morning sickness which may get in the way of your massage. The massage therapist will schedule your massage at a time when the sickly feeling is over especially in the evening hours.

He Will Provide the Pillows and Other Materials Needed to Keep You Comfortable

By telling the massage therapist that you are expectant, he will make sure that everything in the massage room is conducive for you. For instance, he will provide pregnancy pillows for your comfort and ensure that they do not have any smell that could trigger vomiting.

For your safety and that of your unborn child, it is important to inform the massage therapist about your pregnancy. If you don’t want other people to know about your pregnancy at this stage, you can tell the massage therapist to keep the information private.

You Safety Will be Guaranteed

As a pregnant woman, you are not only responsible for yourself but your unborn child as well. If the massage therapist uses intense pressure on your trigger points, you may lose your pregnancy. What is worse, in this case, is that you cannot blame the massage therapist for your loss.

Pregnancy Massage

Do not put the life of your child at risk just because you want to keep the good news to yourself. In any case, massage therapists are professionals who will not go about broadcasting news about your pregnancy to others. What you discuss in private remains private until you decide to let others know or time comes when the pregnancy will be evident to everyone.