Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Though it is not a necessity to wear a mascara when you have lash extensions, people who choose to wear it have several advantages and some of these are:

  • When you apply mascara, it will impact the natural lashes on the lower side of the eye, making the lash extensions and the natural lash to have a uniform and a balanced look.
  • The use of mascara will aid in ensuring that the color of your natural lashes and that of the lash extensions match as it will aid in deepening the color.
  • Mascara will make the lash extensions fuller making you stand out; they will appear thicker and such an effect will make them much thicker.
  • Mascara will be beneficial when the lash extensions begin to fall off as it will be used to fill up the gaps before you get the time to go for repairs.

You should be aware that not all mascara will be applied on the lash extensions as some will ruin them. Waterproof mascara, for instance, will do more harm to the lashes than good. They will make the lash extensions brittle and the process of removing it is not friendly to the lashes. Removal of waterproof mascara will require oil-based makeup which is not advisable to use on lash extensions as it could weaken the glue used in sticking the lashes in place.

Any mascara that will be difficult to remove should not be used on lash extensions as it will demand the use of force when removing it and this is not friendly to the lash extensions.

Water-based mascaras are the best to use on eyelash extensions as they do not contain unwanted oils and do not contain any chemicals as well. They will also be used by those people whose skin is very sensitive as they do not cause any allergic reactions.

Water –based mascara is easy to remove as all to have to do is to use a cotton ball to gently rub off the mascara and in the least effort, the makeup will be gone. Besides the ease of removal, water-based mascara is also easy to apply as it will dry faster. It will, however, require multiple coats to achieve the desired effect and will also require re-application multiple times during the day.

When you have freshly applied for lash extensions, you should shelve the idea of using a mascara until that time when you will need it to fill up the gaps when they start falling off. This is because the mascaras will add some extra weight to the lash extensions which will end up ruining the natural lashes.

Follow the advice given by the aesthetician who applied for the lash extensions as this is the only way you can be assured of having them last longer and also keep them looking as good as when you first applied them.

Any mascara that is applied to the lash extensions should be removed every day to avoid buildup of foreign matter in the lashes as these will encourage the growth of bacteria leading to eye infections or even lead to immature falling off of the lash extensions. Always remember that lash extensions application is an expensive beauty practice and taking care of the lashes is the only way you will be assured of getting value for your money.

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