Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Though laser hair removal has gained popularity in the recent past, a lot of people are still afraid of the risks that they will be exposing their bodies to, if they undergo the laser hair removal treatment.

One of the greatest fears is whether the treatment may lead to a cancer attack… The answer is NO.

Unlike an X-ray or gamma radiations which contain ionizing radiations with a high frequency, laser hair removal machine does not have ionizing radiations.

An X-ray radiation will target the inner parts of the body whereas a laser hair removal machine emits radiation that only targets the hair follicles. The radiation from the laser however strong will remain superficial, which is on the skin. They will not, therefore, affect the DNA of the client who is undergoing the treatments.

The worst side effects that could result out of a laser hair removal treatment are the severe burns. These will mostly affect those with very sensitive skins and were not careful to look for a professional aesthetician to conduct the process.

Laser hair removal is a sensitive procedure and will require professionalism; if upon inquiry you discover that the esthetician who will be conducting the procedure has never conducted a laser hair removal treatment before, do not allow him to work on you.

Look for a spa that has a lot of positive reviews from customers who have previously gone through a laser hair removal as only then can you be assured that you will not have any problems. You can also ask for photos from their previous sessions so that you can gauge how they operate.

A professional esthetician should know the correct setting that should be applied to the laser machine so that there will be no burns after the laser treatment. Though the radiation cannot lead to cancer, it can lead to other negative effects like burns or severe blisters that will appear on the skin. Do not insist on having a higher setting on the laser in an effort to get over with the treatment fast and carry on with your other chores. Laser machine will not work that way; the esthetician is the one who should decide the correct settings in accordance with your skin type to avoid any ugly incidence.

If you have a history where you once had cancer in any part of your body, you can still undergo a laser hair removal treatment. However, this should be under medical supervision due to the sensitive nature of your skin. The spa you choose to have the laser treatment should have a dermatologist who will oversee the laser treatment and ensure that everything works out.

For a laser hair removal treatment, the most important consideration is the qualification of the person who is attending to you and the availability of the laser machine that matches your skin type. Laser machines are designed to work on specific hair and skin color and you should seek to know if the laser available at the spa will be good for your skin type. If they say no, do not insist but instead, look for another spa that has the correct laser machine.